Crypto Monkes

A collection of 1,000 unique, 1 of 1, randomly generated Monkes on the Polygon network.

Owner Benefits

Access to owners-only website

Monke owners get access to, where they can vote on community decisions and more.

Access to owners-only Discord channels

Monke owners can join the Crypto Monkes Discord server and gain access to owners-only channels, a place where they can chat and keep in touch with the community.

NFT Airdrops

  • Once all 1,000 Monkes are claimed, a random Monke owner will win Acid Junkie #008.
  • The first 5 wallets to own 5 Monkes will receive a Caogan NFT.

Claim a Monke

To make claiming fair, each wallet is allowed to claim one monke. Monkes can be claimed for free. To claim, connect your wallet and click "Claim". You can enter your email, which will be used to notify you when you are verified and your Monke has been transferred. It may take up to 2 weeks to transfer. After they are claimed, they can be sold on the secondary market.

Claiming Period Is Over!